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Reliable, Precise and Cost Effective General Surgery Instruments, Orthological Surgery Instruments, Hospital Furniture and Equipment Available With High Standards Of Quality In Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondicherry!

Know Us

Surgical, Medical and Hospital Instruments add ease and accuracy in the monitoring and diagnosis of multiple medical conditions as well as carrying out surgical procedures for treating pathological conditions. In the same way, Hospital Furniture adds to the comfortability of patients as well as doctors. Saberwal Surgico Instruments Company is a notable player in the medical segment delivering quality Hospital Furniture, Neuro Products, Surgical and Medical Instruments. We are committed to provide practical innovations to improve comfort and safety level of patients. Established in the year 2015 as a prominent Manufacturer, Trader and Distributor, we have been offering quality, excellence and value for exceeding today's demands as well as expectations of doctors, dentists and surgeons. Our competitive advantage lies in vast knowledge, experience and deep understanding of medical field. In over three decade of business, we have attained expertise in offering products in both, standard and customized specifications for matching the exact requirements hospitals, medical institutions, clinics, and other healthcare centers. The designs of our offering are a combination of quality, functionality and flexibility.

Manufacturing Unit

We employ sophisticated technology tools to design highly durable and accurate General Surgery Instruments, Neuro Products, Orthological Surgery Instruments, Hospital Furniture and Equipment. The manufacturing unit is laden with facilities to carry out different processes like forging, machining, milling, filling, fitting, heat treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. The manufacturing process also includes the most contemporary, scientifically controlled, rust proof chemical treatments along with powder coating as well as shot blasting technologies for treating the surface. The furniture is designed employing CNC milling, cutting, engraving, router and other facilities to ensure the development of the best.

Quality Standards Delivered

When it comes to instruments, furniture and other products for medical sector, the combination of hygiene and quality should be the prime priority of every vendor and procurer. We design products in safe and clean environment using high-grade steel and other raw materials to add maximum hygiene with utility. All the instruments, components and furniture undergo rigorous safety as well as quality inspections to ensure to provide flawless range with high functionality and tolerance power. We test the entire product line according to the norms laid by the medical sectors on the following factors:

  • Surgical and Medical Instruments
    • Galvanic corrosion
    • Metal surfaces
    • Flexibility to use
    • Non scratchy design
  • Hospital Furniture
    • Durability and strength
    • Comfort ability
    • Resistant to abrasion
    • Maintenance cost

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